Why World Of Warcraft’s New Customization Options Are Being Added

World of Warcraft‘s upcoming expansion, Shadowlands, introduces a series of new character customization options that give players access to more skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles to better represent themselves in the game.

Assistant lead quest designer Johnny Cash told GameSpot in a new interview that these new creation tools came directly from feedback from the community, along with the desires of the development team. Cash also spoke to us about the new character Pelagos, who is among WoW’s first trans characters.

The updated WoW character creation screen
The updated WoW character creation screen

“There was a lot of push during this expansion, both from the team and from the community, to want to be able to express themselves better,” Cash said. “And I think humans are the best example of that. We had people that said, ‘I love Azeroth and I play all the time but I can’t make a character who looks like me.’ That really was something we took to heart and that was really the start of the effort with all the new character customization options.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch