Demon’s Souls’ Mysterious Door Has Been Opened–Here’s What’s Inside

The biggest mystery of PS5 launch title Demon’s Souls, the secret locked door, has been solved. The door has been opened by Distortion2, a player who previously nearly glitched his way in, and there’s a cool reward on the other side.

The door’s key, as it turns out, is held by Sparkly the Crow, who can be found in the Shrine of Storms archstone. To get it, you need to offer Sparkly Ceramic Coins, an ultra-rare item. It seems that somewhere between 25 and 30 coins are needed. Distortion2 traded 30 coins, but it’s possible that fewer coins would work, too.

Coins are rare drops, Coins are rare drops that have been farmed from the Fat Official enemy, but they’re only available in limited quantities in specific scenarios. For example, utilizing World Tendencies is necessary to earn them.

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Author: James O’Connor