As the pandemic continues, cleaning robots are showing up for duty at the office

The Breezy One cleaning robot from Build With Robots — shown here very much not in an office. | Image: Build With Robots

Airflow is a subject dear to Charlie Strange’s heart. As the office manager for a Texas facility operated by HVAC manufacturer Goodman, he helps oversee the production of heating, ventilation, and AC units in the world’s fifth-largest factory building — 4.2 million square feet of space, all dedicated to the generation of hot and cold currents and gusts.

But when the pandemic forced Goodman to send thousands of workers home, Strange had to consider airflow anew — specifically, how the eddies and flows inside his Texas plant would affect the work of his latest hire: a cleaning robot named Breezy One that trundles around the gargantuan factory, spraying a fine mist of virus-killing disinfectant onto the surfaces. For office managers…

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Author: James Vincent