Minecraft Dungeons: The Crossplay Update Is Live Now

Minecraft Dungeons has now received its free crossplay update, and players across all systems can team up. No matter if you have Minecraft Dungeons on PC and Xbox One through Xbox Game Pass, or you’ve bought it on those systems or PS4/Switch, you can now team up with anyone else who has the game.

The development team has announced on the Minecraft website that the update is live now, and that cloud saves are also “coming soon”. This means that you’ll soon be able to pick up your progress from any new system; buy the game on PC, for example, and then play it on the go from a Nintendo Switch.

The game can also be played via Cloud Gaming if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the US. It even has custom touch controls.

The exact date on this update has not been announced yet, but hopefully it won’t be a long wait. There’s also a third DLC pack coming to the game, called Howling Peaks.

The Minecraft spin-off scored a 7/10 in our Minecraft Dungeons review. Reviewer Steve Watts wrote: “Rather than shift our expectations of what games can be, it’s banking on its own popularity to introduce younger players to a classic genre and serves as a short-but-sweet treat for looter vets. It scratches the dungeon-crawler itch with a sense of goofy charm and expands what Minecraft can be.”

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Author: James O’Connor