Apex Legends Season 7: Horizon, Club Moderation, And Balancing Characters

Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension begins on November 4 and introduces a brand-new map (Olympus) as well as a playable legend called Horizon. After getting hands-on time with both, we finally know what Horizon’s abilities are.

Horizon’s passive ability, Spacewalk, increases her air control and prevents her from being stunned upon falling from great heights. Her tactical ability, Gravity Lift, throws out a device that temporarily reverses gravity, allowing her to send herself, allies, enemies, or the new Trident vehicles flying into the air. Finally, Horizon’s ultimate ability, Black Hole, sees her create a micro black hole that sucks in all nearby players.

Horizon isn’t the only thing mixing up Apex Legends in Season 7 either–far from it. I sat down with Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier to talk about how Horizon fits into the in-match meta, as well as the new in-game clubs, Trident vehicle, and character balancing changes coming in Season 7.

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Author: Jordan Ramée