Kazakhstan Tourist Board Adopts Borat’s “Very Nice” Catchphrase

While Kazakhstan historically hasn’t always welcomed Sacha Baron Cohen’s use of the country in Borat, it’s now capitalizing off the momentum from Borat 2 to launch a new tourism campaign. The new series of ads shows various people appreciating Kazakhstan as “very nice,” as reported by GameSpot’s sister site CNET.

The government of Kazakhstan has an uneasy relationship with Baron Cohen’s Borat–while it has been criticized by both citizens and government officials for its crass depiction of the country, the movie also increased tourism to Kazakhstan by an order of magnitudes.

Now, Kazakhstan is leaning on the infamy brought by Borat 2 to launch its ad campaign, by using one of Borat’s catchphrases. The videos show people appreciating Kazakh food, culture, cities and natural beauty, and then describing it as “very nice.”

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Author: Hayley Williams