Wasteland 3 Was Briefly Banned In Australia Because Of A Helpful Drug

Ahead of its release, Wasteland 3 was briefly refused classification in Australia, effectively banning it from sale. At the time, the Australian Classification Board was vague on the reason why the game was banned, but after a small change was made, Wasteland 3 was re-classified with an R18+ rating and allowed to release.

Now, in the board’s annual report, as picked up on by Kotaku Australia, some further reasoning has been given for the game’s ban, and it all comes down to a drug that players were allowed to smoke in the original submission.

“During the game, characters are able to smoke a drug known as ‘Rocky Mountain Moosegrass’, which appears to be a strain of cannabis,” the report reads. “The drug is denoted by an icon of a cannabis cigarette or joint in the player’s inventory that is accompanied by captions that attest to the cannabis-like effects of the drug.”

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Author: James O’Connor