Here’s What’s Inside The PS5 DualSense Controller

As the first PlayStation controller to move away from the DualShock branding, it remains to be seen how much improvement the PS5’s DualSense will offer on the previous generation. Now, YouTuber Austin Evans has performed a mini DualSense teardown to have a look at just how much tech is crammed inside the new controller.

Evans’ video starts with a pretty classic unboxing and a small playtest with the controller, but the most interesting part comes near the end of the video where they break the case open (with some difficulty) to have a look at the insides.

The first thing to note is that the controller shell is incredibly difficult to open, with Evans eventually breaking the case in the process of prying it open. Unsurprisingly the controller, like most modern tech, is not designed for users to easily be able to repair or tinker with on their own.

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Author: Hayley Williams