Is Genshin Impact’s Klee Worth Your Time And Money?

Genshin Impact has undoubtedly had an eventful first month of operation, with millions of players globally jumping into the world of Teyvat. With the passage of time comes the first change of the promo banner for Wishes and an introduction of a new five-star character, Klee.

Klee is the featured character on this new promo banner, titled Sparkling Steps. Though you may have already been introduced to Klee and her abilities in the quest “The Mystery of the Girl in Red’s Treasure,” this is the first chance you have to recruit her permanently.

The odds haven’t changed for Sparkling Steps compared to the previous banner–your chances of a 5-star roll are still quite low at 0.6%. But, as with the previous banner, if you do roll a 5-Star character, there is a 50% chance of it being Klee. The “Pity Roll” mechanics also come into play here, so if you really want Klee, you can pour all of your resources into Wishing multiple times to have a better chance. (Also, if you didn’t roll a 5-star unit on the last promo banner featuring Venti, the accumulated rolls from that banner will carry over onto this one, making a Pity Roll easier to trip.)

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Author: Heidi Kemps