Among Us Hack Spams Trump 2020 Message

The hit game Among Us has been hit with a hack that both advertises a streaming channel and sends a political message. The studio InnerSloth was forced to issue a hasty patch in response to the hacks.

The hack would spam text chat messages advertising a streamer and threatening to damage your phone if you don’t subscribe. It ended with a “TRUMP 2020” message. The hack became widespread rather quickly, with some players estimating it had afflicted hundreds or even thousands of matches.

InnerSloth issued a statement via Twitter saying it was “super duper aware” of the issue. It announced an emergency server update and encouraged players to stick to private games in the meantime. Programmer Forest Willard later explained that the update had taken some time so as to avoid false positives, to prevent the game from wrongly identifying a hack.

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Author: Steve Watts