Star Trek: Discovery goes where the series has never gone before


For the first time in nearly 20 years, there are multiple new Star Trek shows you can watch at once. There’s the Next Generation sequel series Picard for those feeling nostalgic; for fans looking to undo a few buttons on their Starfleet uniforms and maybe even drink a beer, there’s the off-kilter animated comedy of Lower Decks. But the series I’m most interested in is Star Trek: Discovery, because it boldly goes where no other Star Trek series has ever gone before.

I know. Tall order. But Discovery hits real good. Its third season begins with a clean break from the 23rd Century — and yes, you can start there. The season 2 finale ended with the crew of the eponymous U.S.S. Discovery leaping forward 950 years into the future, from the…

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Author: Bijan Stephen