New Kickstarter Game Reimagines King Arthur As An XCOM-Style Dark Fantasy RPG

NeocoreGames, the developers of Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor and the Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing trilogy, have unveiled their next game on Kickstarter, which focuses on the dark side of King Arthur’s legend. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale reimagines the Arthurian legend as a turn-based strategy RPG in the vein of other strategy games like XCOM, while also injecting hardcore elements from roguelike games.

In development for over a year, the tactics-RPG creators have debuted the game on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to bring the studio’s vision to life. The story of Knight’s Tale occurs during the turbulent final days of the Arthurian era, which sees both Sir Mordred and King Arthur himself fall in battle. You play as Sir Mordred, a recurring antagonist to King Arthur throughout legend, who returns to life as an undead warrior and in a more chaotic world. With guidance from The Lady of the Lake, Sir Mordred builds his own Knights of the Round Table to face off against King Arthur once again–who has also taken a more sinister form.

Just before its debut on Kickstarter, we had the chance to get an early look at the game, while also speaking with developers Patrik Csornyei and Gergely Vas about their vision for Knight’s Tale. According to the developers, their interpretation of a turn-based strategy RPG carries many influences from XCOM. Instead of waging a campaign against invading aliens, you’ll fight against monsters, sorcerers, and other corrupted knights who have spread across the land. But just like XCOM, there’s a steep penalty for failure in your campaign.

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Author: Alessandro Fillari