Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Campaign Won’t Release In 2020, But It’s In The “Close Out” Phase

Star Citizen‘s single-player campaign, Squadron 42, is not going to launch in 2020. Cloud Imperium Games boss Chris Roberts said in a blog post that the game will be done “when it is done,” and that won’t be in 2020.

“I know everyone would like a definitive date on when Squadron 42 will be done but the best answer I can give you is that it will be done when it is done, and that will not be this year,” he said.

While there is no release date yet, Cloud Imperium has launched a new YouTube series called The Briefing Room that promises to provide updates on Squadron 42’s ongoing development. Additionally, the studio will share more details on how the development is progressing beginning in December with “much more in-depth visual dives into what we’ve done and features and content we can share without spoilers.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch