The 23 Best Horror Games For Halloween 2020

From slasher films to spooky novels, there’s no shortage of horror media out there, but games may be the most chilling medium of all due to the level of immersion and interactivity they impart. If you’ve ever sat in a dark room with headphones and played something like Silent Hill or Resident Evil, you know that unique feeling of terror we’re talking about. And god forbid you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Horror games aren’t exactly for the weak of heart.

But as Halloween approaches, there’s no more fitting genre for the season, and luckily, there are a wealth of horror games out there well worth your time. The genre had humble beginnings in the late ’80s, with a wave of fantastic games coming out in the three subsequent decades. And thanks to the rise of indie games, there are more scary games out now than ever before.

In 2020 we’ve seen some excellent horror games released, such as Capcom’s follow-up to its Resident Evil 2 remake, Resident Evil 3. But even more are yet to come; we’re still looking forward to horror games like The Dark Pictures: Little Hope and Amnesia: Rebirth to keep genre fans busy this fall.

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Author: Matt Espineli