Control Camera Hack Shows Off Curiously Detailed Streets And Vehicles Outside The Oldest House

Control has beguiled players with its mysterious setting, The Oldest House, with its weird environments and twisty layouts. But it turns out there’s some interesting stuff happening outside the game’s departmental setting as well.

Lance McDonald, who has become well-known for his game hacks, has produced a camera hack for the PS4 version of Control, and in his brief video of the tool on Twitter he’s uncovered an interesting detail. Taking the camera outside of The Oldest House shows off the streets, which you don’t see during gameplay, and there’s more going on out there than you might expect.

There are detailed buildings and streets out there, including a truck parked around the corner that is not visible at any point during the game. Better yet, the traffic outside seems to obey the road rules, queuing up at the lights. This outside area is curiously detailed, considering that you never venture out there during the game.

Hopefully McDonald will share anything else interesting he finds in Control. Previous interesting discoveries from McDonald include a hidden middle finger in God of War, some cut content from Sekiro, and some information about how P.T. works that somehow makes the Silent Hills demo even scarier.

Control is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, but will only be available as a free upgrade for owners of the Ultimate Edition. The game’s second DLC pack, AWE, released recently, directly tying this game to Remedy’s earlier title Alan Wake.

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Author: James O’Connor