A Clubhouse conversation has sparked accusations of anti-Semitism

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Jewish users on the invite-only social network Clubhouse say they no longer feel safe on the app after a heated conversation Monday night, which many participants felt perpetuated racist stereotypes. Intended to discuss anti-Semitism in Black communities, the event had 369 participants and lasted roughly three hours.

“There’s a room on clubhouse right now that is literally just a bunch of people talking about why it’s ok to hate jews so I’m done with that app for awhile,” tweeted Sara Mauskopf, CEO of the daycare startup Winnie.

Venture capitalist Michaela Hirsh shared similar concerns. “Enters @joinClubhouse,” Hirsch tweeted. “Hears: 1) Non-Jewish folks redefining “antisemitism”, 2) Jews are the face of capitalism, 3) Jews are…

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Author: Zoe Schiffer