Among Us Imposter Detection Guide – How To Spot A Murderer

Most of the time in Among Us, you’ll have the tough job of identifying which of the people you’re playing with can’t be trusted–ideally before they kill you or sabotage your spaceship and kill everyone aboard. Figuring out who’s an imposter and who’s just nervous is your main job in Among Us, while also scrambling around the ship to repair systems and bank points on your own. But spotting someone’s murderous intent can be very difficult, especially since you can’t always tell whether another player on your ship is actively helping you, or just pretending to.

Luckily, there are a lot of things players do that can give you clues as to whether they’re on your side or just waiting for a chance to snack on your brains. We’ve compiled a quick list of things that can tip you off to an imposter’s identity. Keep your wits about you, watch everyone around you, and identify the telltale signs of the monster among you and you might just make it out of Among Us alive.

The Person Nearest A Body Usually Did It

This is an easy one, but worth mentioning: if you pass someone leaving a room and find a body right afterward, the chances are extremely good that the fleeing party is responsible. Anybody who spots a body and isn’t the imposter would, in most cases, immediately report it, and if you’re not the imposter, you have an incentive to check every room you enter for lurking enemies–so you would probably have spotted the body if you were in the same room as it. This isn’t a foolproof piece of evidence, but the vast majority of the time, the person closest to the scene is your culprit, so at least keep an eye on them.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw