Animal Crossing: Catch These Bugs And Fish In New Horizons Before October

October is upon us, which means a new assortment of bugs, fish, and sea creatures will soon begin appearing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. That also means that certain species will be leaving your island in only a couple of days, making this your last chance to catch them in the game for a little while.

Now that fall has begun in Northern Hemisphere islands, many of the remaining summer bugs and fish will be heading into hibernation come October. By contrast, only a handful of critters are leaving Southern Hemisphere islands next month, but you’ll still want to catch them while you can to fill out your encyclopedia. You can see all the bugs, fish, and sea creatures that are leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons this week, on September 30, below.

Fish And Bugs Leaving After September

Northern Hemisphere


ArapaimaRiver, 64 PM – 9 AM10,000
ArowanaRiver, 44 PM – 9 AM10,000
Butterfly FishSea, 2All day1,000
Clown FishSea, 1All day650
CrawfishPond, 2All day200
DoradoRiver, 54 AM – 9 PM15,000
GarPond, 54 PM – 9 AM6,000
Great White SharkSea, fin4 PM – 9 AM15,000
Hammerhead SharkSea, fin4 PM – 9 AM8,000
King SalmonRiver (mouth), 6All day1,800
Nibble FishRiver, 19 AM – 4 PM1,500
Ocean SunfishSea, fin4 AM – 9 PM4,000
PiranhaRiver, 29 AM – 4 PM, 9 PM – 4 AM2,500
Puffer FishSea, 3All day250
Saddled BichirRiver, 49 PM – 4 AM4,000
SalmonRiver (mouth), 4All day700
Saw SharkSea, fin4 PM – 9 AM12,000
Soft-shelled TurtleRiver, 44 PM – 9 AM3,750
SuckerfishSea, finAll day1,500
SurgeonfishSea, 2All day1,000
SweetfishRiver, 3All day900
Whale SharkSea, finAll day13,000

If you have a Northern Hemisphere island, this week marks your last chance to catch a number of summer fish, including sharks. Not only are these normally hard to come by, as they only appear in the ocean during the summer months, they also fetch a pretty penny at Nook’s Cranny, making them a great way to earn money. A variety of different river and pond fish are leaving at the end of this month as well, including some valuable catches like the dorado, arowana, and arapaima.

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Author: Kevin Knezevic