How Nostalgia Fuels The Market For Unlikely Video Game Collectors Editions

(Note: This post contains spoilers for Playdead’s Inside.)

When publisher Limited Run Games first revealed the $150 “Chex Warrior” edition of the infamous 1996 shooter Chex Quest–a free total conversion of Doom originally distributed in boxes of the eponymous cereal–reaction ran the gamut from strained confusion to outright enthusiasm. While it might seem like a bizarre tribute to an advertising relic of the ’90s, Limited Run’s founder Josh Fairhurst offered a simple explanation for the move: He just really liked Chex Quest as a kid.

“There are definitely times where I take a gamble on something that I think is really cool with the knowledge that it may not make money,” he says. “Chex Quest is a great example of that.”

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Author: Steven T. Wright