2020 Is The First Year In Over A Decade Without A New Marvel Movie Hitting Theaters

Perhaps as was to be expected, more of the films slated for release this year have been delayed, and that includes Black Widow. With the next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe pushed until 2021, that clears the entire year’s slate of Marvel films–making 2020 the first year since 2009 without any new Marvel movies to hit theaters.

That will come as a surprise one way or the other, whether you think it’s shocking it’s already been a decade of annual (or more frequent) entries or that it’s only been a decade. Either way, it seems fitting that what has been such a weird year will buck tradition in yet another way.

The release of new Marvel movies is like clockwork. This year will be not only the first time we’re not getting one in a given year in over a decade, it’s also the first time since 2012 that we’re not getting two (and the first time since 2016 that we’re not getting three in a single year). A new Marvel movie hits theaters almost as often as the seasons change. I clean the unfortunate gap between the counter and my fridge less often. Their debut is a signal that it’s a time for me to change my toothbrush head. It’s how I know it’s time to consider (but not actually follow through with) canceling my unused gym membership.

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Author: Chris Pereira