The 10,000-person dance party streaming in your living room

Illustration by Claudia Chinyere Akole

If you were to picture the opposite of social distancing, you might envision a humid dance floor in a windowless warehouse, where bodies writhe on top of one another and a DJ yells “move your fucking tushy” with zero irony.

That’s Dance Church — or it was, prior to the pandemic. The studio, founded by dancer and choreographer Kate Wallich, hosted classes of 90 to 250 people in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, with pop-up locations across the United States. “Dance Church is nasty, rolling in each other’s sweat, holding each other’s hands, breathing on each other. It’s literally everything that spreads the disease,” Wallich says of her pre-quarantine business.

Now, Dance Church has morphed into something else — a…

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Author: Zoe Schiffer