Microsoft Sets New Environmental Impact Goals Around Water Usage

Microsoft, like most major companies, uses a lot of water in its production processes. However, as the world becomes more aware of the unmistakable impact of climate change, and in light of the inequality of clean, drinkable water not being easily available around the world, the company is making some changes.

In a blog post, Microsoft president Brad Smith has announced that the Xbox company will work towards becoming “water positive” by 2030–that is to say, they will replenish more water than they use. “The world’s fresh water is not equally distributed or accessible and is found disproportionately in places where people do not live,” the post explains. “And as human civilization has expanded, we have reached the point globally where humanity depletes the available freshwater supply at a rate of 4.3 trillion cubic meters every year–the majority of which goes to agricultural and industrial uses.”

The company will address water consumption issues by reducing the water use intensity of its energy production and replenishing the “water-stressed regions” that it operates within. The post points out that 2 billion people globally do not have easy access to clean drinking water, and this must change–especially since those figures are likely to get worse over time without intervention.

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Author: James O’Connor