Hades Has Sold 1 Million Copies, Nearly One-Third Sold In Last Few Days

Just a few days after exiting its early access stage and becoming a “full” game, Supergiant’s Hades has already managed to hit 1 million total sales. Of this number, about 300,000 occurred since its official release.

In its announcement on Twitter, the developer thanked players for not only purchasing the game, but for helping to shape its development during the early access phase. During this period, it was only available on PC, but it has since released for Nintendo Switch, as well.

GameSpot critic Suriel Vazquez played it on both systems for our Hades review, and awarded the game a 9/10. He did note, however, that the Switch’s small screen can make reading text an issue in handheld mode.

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Author: Gabe Gurwin