The Boys Season 2 Lamplighter Explained: Who Is Shawn Ashmore’s Character?

The Boys is rarely subtle, but the show can be coy when it feels like it. That was the case in Season 2, Episode 5, “We Gotta Go Now,” when it introduced an extremely important new character, played by X-Men movie alum Shawn Ashmore, in a surprisingly understated way. Who exactly did Stormfront talk to on the phone during this episode? The answer is complicated.

This was, in fact, the on-screen introduction of Lamplighter, a former member of The Seven who has a thorny history with The Boys. Of course, Lamplighter has been mentioned in the past, but he was never seen on-screen before now. It’s understandable if you thought he was probably dead–in both the show and the comics on which the series is based, Vought doesn’t like to admit that its supes can die. When The Deep stood onstage during Starlight’s introduction and remarked that Lamplighter had “retired,” it sounded like a euphemism, and the fact that Lamplighter was barely mentioned again throughout Season 1 made it easy to forget about him.

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Author: Michael Rougeau