Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Website Hints At A Bizarre And Terrifying Future

CD Projekt Red’s Night City Wire series has given us some very comprehensive looks at the many details and facets of the main setting of Cyberpunk 2077. During their recent stream, the developers at CD Projekt Red unveiled a fully explorable website that focuses on Night City, which you can check out right now. Similar a real-world website for any major city, the official Night City website is way more blunt and candid about the current state of things, offering us some surprising details about life in the big, expansive locale–even if most of them are somewhat terrifying. It’s a cool bit of worldbuilding, and if you’re interested in Cyberpunk 2077, it’s a fun read to understand just how crazy the game’s setting is.

One of the more imaginative things about cyberpunk fiction is that it examines our present-day through an extrapolated lens, allowing us to look at our current issues in a different light. This site works well as a satire of capitalism and corporate greed, putting in similar territory to the satirical look at America in Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, but it also does a lot to show what’s in store for players in the game once it releases on November 19. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting and bizarre details from Night City’s official website.

A Brief History Of Night City

One of the first features you’ll see on the site is a quick rundown on the history of Night City. Located on the west coast in Central and Northern California, Night City was first established by billionaire industrialist Richard Night. He would not live long enough to see the completion of the city, but his vision would continue on. In the year 2077, Night City is a massive city-state with its own government, law enforcement, currency, and communities that inhabit it. Violence, corruption, and capitalism are the norm in Night City, and 2077 looks to be the roughest year the place has seen yet. The mayor of Night City in 2077, Lucius Rhyne, even shared his thoughts on the state of things.

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Author: Alessandro Fillari