Twitch Introduces And Then Removes Culturally Insensitive Custom Emotes

In a Twitch blog post now edited to remove the announcement, the platform introduced new customized emote modifiers–which included sombreros, guitars, and rumba shakers–in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month. The exact text from screenshots still floating around reads, “Use a customized sub emote to show support for your favorite Hispanic and LatinX streamer.”

Needless to say, some members of the gaming community thought the images were insensitive cultural stereotypes and cliche depictions of Hispanic and LatinX cultures.

Twitch…? 🤔

— lil’ yawnie (@appleciderwitch) September 15, 2020

I would just like to say @Twitch this is crusty. This is not the way to support and uplift your hispanic and latinx creators with mexican stereotypes.
Just saying.

— 🧜🏼‍♀️ mermaid queen 🧜🏼‍♀️ (@MerQueenJude) September 15, 2020

However, shortly after people on the internet criticized Twitch’s poorly thought-out emotes, the blog post was scrubbed of the announcement. Twitch then posted on Twitter apologizing for its actions and the images’ insensitivity. The platform has removed the emote modifiers.

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Author: Jenny Zheng