Amnesia: Rebirth Will Release In Time For Halloween

Developer Frictional Games has announced that Amnesia: Rebirth is scheduled to release for PC and PS4 on October 20. Alongside the announcement, a new trailer for Rebirth was released as well.

Embedded below, the new trailer showcases protagonist Tasi Trianon exploring the Algerian desert following a plane crash. Her situation becomes both more unnerving and unsettling as time goes on, largely because Tasi has to resort to lighting her way for most of the trailer with a box of matches. As you can probably surmise, matches do not last very long as a viable light source. Thankfully, it looks like she finds a lantern at some point.

“If you look at SOMA and [Amnesia: The Dark Descent], I’d say [Rebirth] is the game that the studio has made that has the most variety in the environments,” Frictional Games executive producer and creative lead Fredrik Olsson told us in an interview. “So, hopefully you’ll feel claustrophobic throughout the game but there might be other aspects explored outside the closed-in environments. The vastness of a desert could give you a different kind of horror.”

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Author: Jordan Ramée