PS5 Wishlist: What I Want From Sony’s Next-Gen Console

The PlayStation 5‘s release is quickly approaching, but there are still quite a few details we don’t know about Sony’s next console. What we do know is that it looks enormous, seems like it was made out of the same stuff as Neo Midgar in FF7 Remake or Alan Tudyk in I, Robot, and comes with a spiffy new version of Sony’s usual controller design. Apart from elements that are becoming standard, such as a solid-state drive, more power for visuals, and vastly decreased load times, we don’t really know what to expect from the PS5 when we actually use it.

We do, however, know about the PlayStation 4–specifically, everything that’s wrong with it. Seven years after the release of the current generation of gaming hardware, we’ve seen different versions of the PS4 pop up, we’ve seen trends come and go (miss you, weird and terrible motion control games), and we’ve listened to that PS4 fan. God, that fan is loud.

With the PS5 imminent, I’ve (briefly and without a lot of understanding) looked over the specs and (at length, with smoldering irritation) stared at the PS4’s menu UI. Here are some things I want from the PS5 based on the shortcomings of the PS4, pie-in-the-sky desires that are probably technologically impossible, and random ideas that popped into my head while waiting for Fall Guys servers to clear up. You should also check out our wishlist for the Xbox Series X, as well.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw