Rare Super Mario Bros. Game’s New Owner Is Taking An Unconventional Approach

An investment platform is planning to sell ownership shares in a rare copy of Super Mario Bros., which it has valued at $150,000. The particular version of the game is a sealed 1987 “hangtab” edition rated at a near-perfect 9.8 A+ by Wata Games, one of only 14 factory-sealed copies in existence according to the video game grading company.

Purchased by Rally for $140,000 in a private sale, the company plans to sell 3000 individual shares in the game, starting on August 21. Each $50 share purchased will give investors partial ownership and the option to sell their shares in Rally’s own marketplace. If the price of those shares plummet, Rally will liquidate its investment in the game and pay owners out, according to a decision made by their advisory board.

When Super Mario Bros. isn’t kept secure in a temperature-controlled vault in Delaware, Rally plans to display the game in their Soho museum in New York, or loan it out to other museums around the country where it will be on show.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys