PS5 Exclusives Should Come To PC, But Sony Needs To Do Better

Over the past console generation, Xbox released the majority of its first-party games on PC, giving players the choice of where they want to play. Wanting PlayStation to follow suit is an obvious thing to ask for, but it wouldn’t just be beneficial to players. PlayStation has one of the deepest, most beloved histories in gaming and is home to some of the most prestigious modern developers out there–a first-party PlayStation game launch is always an event. Releasing its games on PC would make each PlayStation launch an even bigger deal, with a whole new audience and section of the internet to pore over every detail. However, if the company plans to go forward with more PC ports, then PlayStation needs to do a better job of introducing PC players to its esteemed worlds.

A strong first-party lineup has reinforced the company’s image as the dominant console platform this generation. Its critically acclaimed releases garner a long-term affection that is rarely seen for single-player games–people are still playing and praising the five-year-old Bloodborne, for example. Even its less favourably received games are successful commercially, with Days Gone topping sales charts in the UK for weeks after its launch. And as of August 2019, it was the sixth highest-selling PS4 exclusive in the US, beating out Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Infamous: Second Son, and every MLB game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the third highest-selling PS4 exclusive, and when it came to PC in early August, the 3-year-old game proved popular. SteamDB recorded an incredible all-time concurrent player count of 56,557 players, and that’s not counting anyone on the Epic Games Store. That’s a lot of people playing a single-player game at the same time on one platform, and it’s not even a brand-new release. It’s easy to imagine how Horizon Forbidden West or the Demon’s Souls remake would be even more popular, especially with day-and-date releases.

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Author: Mat Paget