Wonder Woman 1984: Cheetah’s Final Look May Have Been Revealed By A Toy

In comic lore, Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s greatest adversaries. In most versions of the character, she’s a rich heiress with a victim complex and a selfish streak, who gains supernatural felinic powers through bad means. Her strength is otherworldly–enough to draw blood from Superman and best Wonder Woman in a physical fight.

Cheetah will be one of the villains in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. And although we’ve seen plenty of Wonder Woman’s signature Golden Armor, we still haven’t seen a photo or video of a full-blown Cheetah. This is by design. According to an interview that comedian and actress Kristen Wiig did with InStyle, even Wiig wasn’t allowed to take any photos.

“This was [a] lockdown,” Wiig said. “They have it somewhere, and you will see it. But there are different evolutions to my character. I will leave you with that.”

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Author: Kevin Wong