Artist Group Accuses Jeff Bezos Of Ignorance Regarding Twitch’s Music Licensing

Musician-oriented nonprofit Artist Rights Alliance has sent an open letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calling him out on perceived willful ignorance over how music licensing on Twitch works, as reported by Variety. During an August House Judiciary Committee hearing, Bezos testified and claimed he didn’t know if Twitch, which Amazon has owned for almost six years, allows users to stream unlicensed music during their broadcasts.

The ARA has taken umbrage to this statement, as many musicians have been impacted by the pandemic and are in need of whatever revenue streams they can get. “For working songwriters and performers, fair royalties on a growing platform like Twitch can literally be a matter of life and death — the difference between having a place to live and homelessness and having access to health care or being uninsured,” the letter states.

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Author: Ty Galiz-Rowe