Marvel’s Avengers Beta Impressions: Some Assembly Required

Even having played Marvel’s Avengers last year, spending more time talking about the game, watching new trailers and the Wartable stream, it’s been hard to get an overall sense of the melee-focused action-adventure game. We know it has a lot of characters, we know it has an involved single-player story campaign, and we know it has a live game-style gear grind, but getting a handle on how those things will work together in moment-to-moment play has been difficult.

After playing an early look at the Marvel’s Avengers beta, the whole picture is starting to make more sense. My earlier comparison of Marvel’s Spider-Man meets Destiny 2 holds up in a broad sense, but it’s not the whole story. The beta displayed how playing as each of the different characters will be a distinct experience, how you’ll bring the Avengers together to form a team, and how getting good with just one or a handful of characters will likely elevate the experience significantly–especially with other players.

The early portion of the beta takes you through a few story missions, giving a very broad look at the tale we’ll be seeing in the full game. As we’ve known for a year now, the game opens with a big battle on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which culminates in the Chimera, the Avengers’ helicarrier, and its newfangled reactor exploding. That event (apparently) kills Captain America and a whole bunch of people in San Francisco, while spreading a disease throughout the country (and maybe the world) that turns people into Inhumans: essentially, they get sick and sometimes die, but if they survive, they get superpowers.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw