How Nintendo’s Greatest Failure Led To The Switch

In the last couple of episodes of Remember When we’ve been taking a look back at the biggest missteps that Sony and Microsoft have made, and examining how these paved the way for future successes. It only makes sense to do the same for Nintendo, especially as it missed by a considerable margin and, in correcting course, delivered one of the most compelling video game consoles of all time.

Of course we are talking about the Wii U, the console that squandered the obscene success of the Wii U, but then resulted in the Switch. At the time, it almost felt like the Wii set Nintendo’s follow-up for certain success, and yet, the Wii U reveal was met with questions and criticism. The mixed messaging and conflicting objectives resulted in a platform that failed to strike a chord with any audience in a meaningful way. On this episode of Remember When we look back at the Wii U and Nintendo’s thinking and motivations, explore how it all went wrong and why, and then look at what the company did to make sure that it didn’t repeat its mistakes.

As always, we asked Remember When host and writer Kurt Indovina to recount his history with the story and the process of making the episode. f you haven’t already, make sure to check out the previous episodes of Remember When on YouTube.

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Author: Tamoor Hussain