Wonderful Narrative Adventure Wide Ocean Big Jacket Has Added New Free Chapters

Wide Ocean Big Jacket has released a new content update, adding a few extra chapters to the extremely likable indie narrative game. The Meryl and Alan chapters, which were previously released as a demo during LudoNarraCon 2020, are now available in the full game.

These chapters focus on two characters who appear as side-figures during the main game, and you’ll now be able to play as them and experience their story. As the original game was all of 90 minutes long, this extra content is most welcome.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket update!

We added the “Meryl and Alan” chapters from our Ludonarracon demo into the main game on Switch, Steam, and Itch.

Head back to the campground this weekend!https://t.co/3nsMvlhfZ9 pic.twitter.com/CqjPgIrYFf

— Turnfollow (@_turnfollow) July 31, 2020

The full game follows Cloanne and Brad, who have taken their young niece Mord and her boyfriend Brad on a camping trip. It’s not a game that’s particularly rich with incident–the characters hang out, tell spooky stories, enjoy nature, and have tough conversations. It’s beautiful.

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Author: James O’Connor