Halo Infinite OST’s First Track Released, Listen Here

Microsoft has released the first track from Halo Infinite‘s OST. The song, “Set a Fire in Your Heart,” was composed by Gareth Coker, who recently joined the Halo team to work alongside Curtis Schweitzer on the music for Microsoft’s next-generation Halo game.

This song was featured in the recent campaign demo for Halo Infinite, so it probably sounds familiar. It hits all the right notes, and definitely feels fitting for the Halo universe. You can listen to the track below.

Before working on Halo, Coker made the music for Microsoft’s Ori and the Blind Forest series. In an interview on Halo Waypoint, Coker said it was important to him to make music for Halo Infinite that respects Halo’s musical history while also “pushing boundaries to take it forward.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch