Star Wars: The High Republic Will Reveal the Ancestor Of One Of The Original Trilogy’s Biggest Scoundrels

Star Wars is expanding once again, but this time into an age where the Jedi are at the peak of their power and influence within the galaxy. Announced back in February, Star Wars: The High Republic is set 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace but will also feature a familial connection to the original Star Wars film trilogy era that novelist Justina Ireland discussed in an hour-long panel at Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing’s Comic-Con at Home panel via THR.

According to Ireland, that link to the future will be seen in Avon Starros, an ancestor of Sana Starros whose first appearance came in Marvel’s 2015 Star Wars comic book series.

“If fans are familiar with Sana Starros,” Ireland said, “we know she’s the best scoundrel to ever have scoundreled, she has no shame, she’s out there to get what she needs to get, and she’s kinda ruthless. “She’s literally my favorite.” “But The High Republic takes place many hundreds of years earlier before she exists, and so who we’re going to meet instead of Sina is her great, great, many-times-great ancestor — there won’t be a direct relation there because genetics are murky in the Star Wars galaxy.”

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys