Magic The Gathering Reveals New Booster And Cards From “The List” For Zendikar Rising

Wizards of the Coast’s hit tabletop card game Magic: The Gathering is expanding the user experience. Revealed at the [email protected] panel, the game’s head designer Mark Rosewater showcased the upcoming set Zendikar Rising, which will arrive this September.

Set Boosters are the new addition to MTG, giving players a brand-new experience when it comes to gaining cards for their decks. “There are a few differences between a Set Booster and the traditional Draft Booster,” MTG’s product architect Mark Heggen told GameSpot. “The 15-card Draft Booster is tuned for Limited play–Draft and Sealed Deck–with spots for commons, uncommons, and rares locked in to optimize those competitive formats. The Set Booster is a curated experience that’s meant to be fun to open. There are things in there for lots of different kinds of Magic fans, and it allows us to play a little bit with the spread of card rarities in the Pack.”

These new Set Boosters will consist of 14 cards: 12 MTG cards, an art card (which has a small chance of being a golden artist signature-stamped card), and a final card which could be a token card, an ad card, or a card from “The List.”

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Author: Mat Elfring