Halloween Star Coming To Season 11 Of Archer, New Trailer And Premiere Date Revealed

Season 11 of the FX show Archer is on the horizon. It’s returning to the network on September 16. During a [email protected] panel for the show, the cast reunited, discussed the upcoming season, and made tons of jokes about being quarantined.

Speaking of quarantine, the final two episodes of this upcoming season were recorded during it, but that didn’t stop them from landing a few big guest stars for the season, like Simon Pegg and Jamie Lee Curtis. While how these actors fit into Season 11 wasn’t explained, we do know how Curtis landed on the show.

Judy Greer, who plays Cheryl on the FX animated series, explained that getting Curtis on the show wasn’t difficult. “When we first showed up [to the set of Halloween], to do rehearsals and stuff in Charleston, where we shot, I introduced myself to [Curtis], and she just went right in for Archer,” Greer explained during the panel. “So much so–and I’ve never actually asked her this–but I do think that’s why I got the job because she’s an executive producer on the movie… She and her son really bond over Archer. They watched it all the time. And it’s his favorite show, and she loves it. It’s one of her favorite shows.”

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Author: Mat Elfring