Comic-Con: Charlize Theron Didn’t Puke While Stunt Driving On The Italian Job, But Mark Wahlberg Did

Stunt work can be exhausting and dangerous. And when actors step into the role of a stunt person, things can get a little sticky, literally. During a panel at [email protected], actor Charlize Theron recounted a moment when her The Italian Job co-star, Mark Walhberg, threw up on set.

Discussing her work in films, Theron explained that the stunt work in The Italian Job led to some dizzying moments, as she explained to moderator Terri Schwartz of IGN. “I vividly remember Mark Walhberg, halfway through one of our training sessions, pulling over and throwing up because he was so nauseous from doing 360s,” she said during the panel.

Outside of the car sick moment, Theron was a monster–no pun intended–when it came to honing her craft with the stunt driving in that movie. “The Italian Job was a great experience in the sense that I realized there was still so much misconception around women in the genre–even though that film, the action is really based on cars,” she said. “We had to physically do a lot of that stuff. The only good thing that came out of that experience was that there was a real pressure to pull off those stunts with the actors. And that was the first time I experienced anything like that. But there was a very unfair process that went with that. I was the only woman, with a bunch of guys, and I remember, vividly, getting the schedule in our pre-production, and they had scheduled me for six weeks more car training than any of the guys. It was just so insulting. But it was also the thing that put a real fire under my ass. I was like, ‘Alright, you guys want to play this game? Let’s go!’ And I made it a point to out-drive all of those guys.

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Author: Mat Elfring