Risk Of Rain 2 Leaves Early Access This August, Price Increase And New Updates Coming

Developer Hopoo Games has announced that Risk of Rain 2 will leave Steam Early Access on August 11. This 1.0 release–which is dubbed the Launch Update and was previously delayed–will introduce a bunch of new content, including a new playable character, an added final boss and stage, dedicated serves, and more.

The Captain, Risk of Rain 2’s 10th playable character, will join the roster when the game launches this August. Voted by 60,000 community members, The Captain brings his high-ranking authority and lethal shotgun-rifle combo that stuns targets after charging to the roguelike battlefield. He can command the dropship to send in beacons and probes to provide either armor buffs or healing zones for him and his allies.

In addition to the new character, Risk of Rain 2 will also see a brand-new stage: The Moon. This location, where you’ll battle against ferocious lunar monsters, will also house the game’s true final boss.

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Author: Jeremy Winslow