PUBG Season 8 Teaser Shows Masterminds Behind Battle Royale

For as long as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has existed, we’ve wondered why players have been dropped onto an island and forced to kill each other. Thus far, we’ve received no answers, but the teaser video for PUBG’s Season 8 content has begun to pull back the curtain on its universe.

In new “recovered footage” of a PUBG tournament, we learn about the Sanhok 4: a group of four battle royale contestants who managed to escape the tournament. A mysterious leader is irate by this development, though PUBG Corp. has not revealed who the puppet master is that controls the whole operation.

A group of organizers search online for a new battle royale location, arguing over their responsibilities as one person complains that he’s the only one working “on-site.” Located in a bunker, it’s heavily suggested he’s near a stash of bodies left over from previous tournaments. Because he’s in charge of the “blue zone,” it’s his job to shrink it over the course of a match and kill stragglers. With an entire squad unaccounted for, however, the entire operations team has a far more pressing concern, including getting murdered while they run the game.

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Author: Gabe Gurwin