Ghost Of Tsushima Mythic Tales Walkthrough: How To Find And Beat Them All

Warning: We’ve ensured that our guides contains minimal spoilers so you can still enjoy the game even if you need help finding and completing all the Mythic Tales. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, stop reading now and consult this walkthrough later when you want to find everything.

There are heaps of story-focused side-activities to do in Ghost of Tsushima. As you explore, you’ll discover what the game calls Tales of Tsushima, which are vignette-style side-missions that further flesh out the world and its inhabitants. But there’s an additional type of side-mission known as Mythic Tales. Completing these extended quests can net you powerful weapons and techniques, further enhancing your ability to take on the Mongol invasion and numerous other threats causing chaos on the island.

There’s a total of six Mythic Tales to complete, and they’re primarily unlocked by completing story and side-missions. Below you can find where each Mythic Tale is located and a walkthrough of how to beat them.

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Author: Matt Espineli