Destiny 2 Gets Fortnite-Style Live Event As Rasputin Shoots Down The Almighty [Update: It’s Over]

Update: Well, it’s over. Rasputin destroyed the Almighty, and after a long wait as missiles arced through the sky and then finally slammed into the ship, the Almighty was torn apart, crashing in the mountains just beyond the Tower. Some debris came down near the Last City, but the crisis was averted.

If you missed it, you can still see the wreckage of the Almighty in the distance from the back of the Tower, opposite where Zavala stands. Debris is still falling from the sky and the ship is still burning, but it’s not clear if there might be more going on with the Almighty–perhaps visiting the crash site–in the future. Watch the embedded video to see what happened if you couldn’t be there in-game.

Visit Zavala to unlocks some new dialogue about what happened. You can also talk to Ana Bray on Mars to get another bit of story, although her dialogue is in text form. Beside Zavala on the left is the small amount of damage the Almighty managed to do to the Tower, in the form of a hole that was ripped in a wall. Hop down into it and you’ll be prompted to “Inspect the Crash Site.” Doing so will earn you a commemorative emblem, “Seraph’s Wings,” for taking part in the Season of the Worthy and helping to destroy the Almighty.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw