The protest was peaceful — then the cops arrived

Zoe Schiffer / The Verge

The protest was peaceful. Then the police shot tear gas. At least 10 canisters went off, according to The Guardian’s Julia Carrie Wong. Officers clad in riot gear ordered protesters to go home before the 8PM curfew. Then they arrested 40 people.

This was the scene that aired on Fox KTVU and NBC News, which featured aerial footage of tear gas and mayhem as people ran from the police. But it’s not the full story. Before the warnings, and tear gas, and handcuffs, the protest had been peaceful for hours. “Mainstream media is pushing a narrative about these ‘riots’ we had,” said Brianna Boyd, a 20-year-old protestor. “They’re trying to dampen the message by not showing the peaceful protests.”


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Author: Zoe Schiffer