What’s New On HBO Max In June? More Movies, TV Shows, And Originals

HBO Max is the latest streaming service to launch, arriving on May 27. And while it’s less than a week away from arriving, the service has already revealed what’s coming for the month of June. That means new movies, TV shows, and HBO Max originals are right around the corner.

One of the most notable releases is the Director’s Cut of Doctor Sleep, which arrives on June 27. The theatrical cut runs two and a half hours, and the Director’s Cut comes in three hours. The extra 30 minutes allows director Mike Flanagan to connect some of the stories together a bit better and allow for a more emotional story.

In her review of the theatrical cut Doctor Sleep, GameSpot’s Meg Downey said, “Flanagan finds ways to evoke the ambiance and tone of the Kubrick film that never overstay their welcome with cleverly matched shots, sound design, and character cameos. Even the handful of early flashbacks to Dan’s childhood manage to feel tasteful and appropriate. It’s in the final 45 minutes or so that the balancing act starts to feel precarious, but by that time, the characters themselves will have you so hooked that you’ll be willing to forgive the less-than-subtle nostalgia overload.”

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Author: Mat Elfring