The First 8TB M.2 SSD Is Coming

Sabrent has announced an 8TB M.2 solid state drive to join its Rocket Q family, featuring double the capacity of the next largest model, PC Gamer reports. While pricing hasn’t been released yet, it’s very likely to be out of the budget for most PC gamers–however as Steam libraries grow and game installs take up more space, it’s tech to keep an eye on.

While there are already 8TB drives available in the 2.5 inch market, Sabrent’s is the first to fit it into the smaller, cable-free M.2 form factor. As with Sabrent’s other Rocket Q SSDs, the 8TB drive uses NVMe technology with a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface. While not many details are available about the new model yet, we can expect it to be quite fast based on the smaller Rocket Q models.

While we can all look forward to this tech being developed further and eventually coming down in price, Sabrent’s first 8TB M.2 model is unlikely to be that affordable for enthusiast gamers. The company’s 4TB M.2 SSD sells for $759.99, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest the 8TB model will retail for over twice that price.

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Author: Hayley Williams