Halo: MCC Patch Notes Released For Xbox One And PC — See The Full Changelog Here

Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s recent update, which included the release of Halo 2 Anniversary on PC, caused some issues. To be fair, Microsoft warned players ahead of time that there would be issues with the release, but it was still a jarring experience for those hoping for a smoother rollout.

Thankfully, these issues are finally now going to be patched through a hotfix. The update went live at 8 PM PT on May 21, Microsoft announced in a blog post. The patch passed Microsoft’s certification process earlier in the afternoon on May 21, and now it’s finally out.

This hotfix will specifically address projectile issues with Halo 2, the general stability of Halo 3 matches, and crashes that could occur on the Halo 3 map Valhalla. Those are the big-ticket items, but the patch also fixes a series of other issues as well; you can see the full patch notes and file sizes below.

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Author: Eddie Makuch