Detroit: Become Human Is Getting A Twitch Extension

French studio Quantic Dream is giving fans a new way to experience its latest release, Detroit: Become Human, with a Twitch extension aimed at streamers. The Detroit: Community Play extension will let streamers easily send out polls to their viewers related to the decisions posed by the game’s branching narrative–something Detroit streamers have done in a more informal way since the game’s release.

Like other Quantic Dream games, Detroit: Become Human is a narrative-heavy game where the outcome of different situations is influenced by the decisions the player chooses, or the relationships they build with characters. The new extension is designed to simulate a multiplayer experience, letting viewers have a say in the direction the playthrough will go.

The feature will be demoed by Bryan Dechart and his partner Amelia Rose Blair. Both actors appeared in Detroit: Become Human, and later gathered a large following on Twitch when they streamed their first playthrough of the game they worked on. The duo are now Twitch Partners under their channel Dechart Games.

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Author: Hayley Williams