Ghost Of Tsushima’s Long Journey To Release, Unlikely Inspiration, And Intricate Combat

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima has been a long time coming. The game was officially revealed at Paris Games Week in 2017, but development on the project began shortly after the release of Infamous: First Light in 2014. The studio has been working on the game for close to six years, a development cycle that almost encapsulates the PlayStation 4’s entire lifespan. Whether by design or by fortuity, Sucker Punch showed off what Sony’s console could do in its infancy and now is poised to show how far it has come in its maturation.

The game they’ve made to show off that growth is, in the team’s own words, more ambitious than anything Sucker Punch has done before. Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world, stealth action game that draws its inspiration from classical samurai cinema, but also looks to tell a grounded, poignant story about struggling against oppressors and the extreme lengths a person will go to in order to preserve their culture and community.

Ahead of Ghost of Tsushima’s release on July 17, we talked to creative director Nate Fox about the studio’s journey, the inspirations behind the game, and the intricacies of its gameplay.

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Author: Tamoor Hussain